亚洲最大娱乐平台 News: Spring Veggie CSA Week 8, Happy Memorial Day!


* *艾迪露头, food writer from the Austin American Statesman shows off her flower tattoo from the class this weekend.


东奥斯汀大红谷仓的农场摊位(卡诺加大街8310号).奥斯汀78724)对所有人开放,周六10-12日 Veggies, Flowers, Garden Plants and Breathtaking Beauty at our 1902 Historic Bergstrom Farm. 提前接受(很快!)


  • 绿色蔬菜:羽衣甘蓝,唐莴苣,莴苣,芝麻菜
  • 根类蔬菜:萝卜,甜菜,胡萝卜
  • 洋葱(红色 & 黄色),大蒜,香葱,大蒜
  • 草本:欧芹,茴香叶,薄荷,百里香
  • Other: Artichokes, Napa Cabbage, Kohlrabi, 西葫芦, 西风南瓜
  • 植物为您的花园和花束!


之前的订单通过 REKO环 Place your order weekly at private Facebook page for touchless pick up on 周六 mornings.



  • No Summer Veggie CSA – food available at our farm stand and REKKO Ring.
  • Veggie CSA Spring Season, 10 weeks: March 31st - June 2nd, $25 share weekly/prorated
  • Flower CSA Spring Season, 12 weeks: April 7-June 26, $20 bouquet weekly/prorated. (或者参加六月份的活动.)
  • 5 CSA pick-up locations in Austin and Bastrop, Wednesday/周六s
  • 对你的食物和鲜花有个问题? 亚洲最大娱乐平台你的社区组织者, the volunteer who manages your pickup site and handles any issues that might arise.


This week’s bouquets are unusually beautiful thanks to the wide variety of flowers beginning to shake off the rainy doldrums. 带有琵鹭花瓣的传家宝菊花, 粉色strawflowers, 大丽花, 尼盖拉和第一位黑猩猩鲁德贝基亚.

Pick up a bouquet at our farm stand or join the remainder of our 12-week Flower CSA (prorated from the week you join). 你也可以在六月加入. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, and help our flower farm to thrive!


  • 皇冠级- 6月19日. 正好赶上父亲节. 为自己/爱人/伴侣制作花冠. 参观农场后, 我们会告诉你如何利用小道消息, 用野花和草药制作独一无二的头饰. 生日快乐,庆祝,所有年龄. 秋天之前最后一次在农场上课的机会. 75美元/皇冠.

农场的新闻 & 事件(见 www.greengatefarms.净):

这个周末我们的花卉纹身课非常有趣! 今年秋天我们还会再做一次.

  • 成人农场营. 有农场还是想要? The founders of GGF spend the morning answering your questions about how to find/start a sustainable farm. 此外,还包括工具、技术和资源. 6月27日,周日上午9-12日.
  • 烹饪课. Get some fresh ideas as our Farm-to-Table Intern Reese Bergschneider leads a cooking class in the Bergstrom farmhouse, 周六, 6月19日. 请继续关注.
  • 绿门礼品卡 可用: Give the gift of fresh, organic food while supporting our farm. 我们为你们的庆祝活动准备了农场雄鹿.


嘿Agrihood支持者! Here’s a chance for you to help an initiative that has been proposed in Wisconsin that addresses the need for affordable housing. 他们会感谢支持信(见他们的网站).)去读吧 在这里.

* June 9th, be sure to attend our monthly Garden Club meeting, 5:30-7:30 at the Big Red Barn.


  • 在我们农场做志愿者! 奥斯汀东部和巴斯多普有轮班. 没有必要的经验. Just complete the volunteer form on our website and we’ll be in touch! (www.greengatefarms.净)
  • 说出来 Your voice is needed as the legislative session winds down and rules affecting farmers, 园丁和食用者会被撞到或者掉下来. 查看农场和牧场自由联盟获取更多信息. (www.farmandranchfreedom.org)
  • 有什么区别: 德克萨斯州的有机农场 & Gardeners Association (TOFGA) is the leading voice of education and advocacy for organic food production in Texas. 作为一个成员经营/资助的组织, TOFGA包括农民, 农场主, 园丁, 奶牛场, 奶酪制造商, 土壤改良剂的生产商, 托儿所, 食品市场, 农贸市场, 教育工作者, 学生, 徒和更多. 志愿者和捐赠是欢迎的 www.tofga.org.




本周充斥着连绵不断的暴风雨和浸湿的农民. As always, weather plays an important role in the way that we move about the farm. 我们调整计划, 改变我们的浇水, 种植, 和收割进度, and watch our local radar as if it is as important as national news. 但, 当然, 我们知道在德克萨斯州中部, 尤其是每年的这个时候, 任何围绕天气制定的计划都是毫无意义的. This week I found myself sweating inside full rain gear as unexpected sun peaked from the clouds halfway through my morning harvest, and running to the barn with full creates of onions as I watched a lightning filled storm roll quickly my direction. Luckily I have learned to be adaptable and find amusement through these uncertain weather patterns.

It is important to find joy when working in these conditions. A good laugh over a boot sucked into the mud that leaves us with soggy socks, or a deep breath and smile when the wind changes and we’re hit by a cold hard gust, are key to continuing to do farm work throughout the changing seasons. That said, attempting to spend any time outdoors in August is not even a conversation I will humor. Noone is perfect and even I have my limits as I navigate an incredibily changing work environment. 有时候我会感到沮丧,我们都是这样. Like when I arrive full of energy to tackle weeds or turn over beds but know any equipment used will just get stranded in the mud. Or when crops have to be harvested early because we can’t risk them rotting on soggy ground. It can be hard to take a step back and surrender to the plan the weather system has created for us.

尽管如此,我还是很感激. I am grateful for the years of work and knowledge amassed by farmers before me. The guidance to make quick decisions while lightning is on the horizon. 从周围人的经验中学习的能力, rather than learning solely through the inevitable trails and tribulations that come with choosing to farm.

春季CSA -第九周蔬菜分享

  • 洋葱
  • 甜菜
  • 西葫芦 & 西风南瓜
  • 胡萝卜
  • 土豆
  • 白俄罗斯羽衣甘蓝
  • 青豆
  • 香菜


  • 大蒜
  • 瑞士甜菜
  • 土豆
  • 西葫芦
  • 豆子
  • 黄瓜
  • 胡萝卜
  • 药草*物品会根据可用性而改变


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